Adam Levine No Longer Hates Celebrity Fragrances.

Adam Levine Thinks Celebrity Fragrances are Cool Now

Ok, maybe we are all being a little too judgmental of Adam Levine over his video ad (explanation) for his new fragrances for both men and women. He tries his best to undo his old stance “I hate celebrity fragrances“, which he must have felt somewhat compelled to tell us. Maybe he was known for walking through the mall with his buddies and shouting out “I hate celebrity fragrances” whenever they walked through the perfume section at Macy’s. Who know’s, the important thing to walk away with is this, Adam Levine now like’s celebrity fragrances; Well at least his own.

You can’t blame him, I mean after you’ve sold millions of albums, written hits, been on television and landed a guest spot on the latest, The Lonely Island album; you develop a fragrance. Right?

The commercial, ad, infomercial, is filled with Adam Levine kinda cool things, like half nude women, cars, beautiful women, water, stuff and of course pretty girls. In other words if you’re a guy, get this stuff and you get the girls, if you’re a women, get it and you will smell like the girls that run around with Adam. I don’t know…you tell me.

We think Adam is cool and we like him…who knows, if his fragrance is like his music it will be a hit!

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