Artist Spotlight – Robert DeLong, The US has their own Guetta.

Artist Spotlight – Robert DeLong, The US has their own Guetta.

Artist Spotlight – Robert Delong, The US has their own Guetta

Robert Delong Global ConceptsWhen it comes to writing about the Washington state born, electronica musician and singer/songwriter Robert DeLong, words do not do him justice. This guy is not going to be known by the perfectly articulated descriptions of some entertainment journalist; his music, his ability, his energy and the journey to see him become America’s Guetta must be seen to be fully realized. Robert DeLong is, as he puts it, “A one man show”.

DeLong manifests, in one song, how not only passionate he is about his music, but also the level of focus he has while performing it. It’s one thing to stand in front of a turn table and mixer, Robert is David Guetta meets ole circus guy with twenty instruments strapped to his back; Only DeLong keeps it all working in sync, producing an enjoyable product.

His music is electronic, full of multiple means of distortion and rhythm and yet not just “Dance” music. His lyrics are not simply positioned to add more rhythm, they are meaningful and going somewhere. This is, as one someone described it, “The thinking Guetta”. One thing is for sure, you won’t be keeping Robert DeLong hidden somewhere surrounded by electronic dance and House fans only, his style and lyrics are poised to crossover into mainstream. Tracks will have to be shortened and radio edits made but Just Movement is, meant for the masses.

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