Britney Spears To Miley ‘Teach Me To Twerk’

Britney Spears To Miley ‘Teach Me To Twerk’

Britney Spears is Loving Miley’s New Video

Britney Spears tweeted her love for Miley’s new, somewhat controversial music video for “We Can’t Stop”.

Britney is very familiar with risque’ music videos and know’s how to push the lines herself to gain exposure. Evidently feeling the need to show support, she took to her Twitter to show her love. Spears also expressed a desire to learn some moves from the former Disney queen. Maybe you remember a few of these similar moments from Ms. Spears:

That infamous Criminal music videoWatch it here (Parental Advisory) Opens in new window.

Parents came out in droves for the release of Britney’s “baby One More Time” when she was only 17. It was those mini-skirts and midriffs that did it.

Britney still take’s it to the edge even now at 31 years old, but of course we love her anyway. Her fan base grew even more after her time on the X-Factor US this past season. Maybe Miley Cyrus will just have to get through these early years before the crowd finally realizes, this may just be part of the machine.

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