Caggie Dunlop’s Sexy New Music Video

Caggie Dunlop’s Sexy New Music Video

It’s Glastonbury Weekend – Here’s Caggie Dunlop

She’s a 24 year old actress, model, singer from the UK, who until recently starred in a scripted “reality” show called “Made in Chelsea“. Caggie left the show and has been working on her music career, this being her first single. The “Made in Chelsea” star has quite an education, Harrodian School, Wellington College, Leeds University and then a year at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

The single and video have been met with some outspoken criticism in the UK, many claiming that Caggie is trusting more in her looks than singing talent. We disagree and think the song is smooth and sexy and the video goes along with that just fine. Don’t know if this single will every make it to the US shores, but we can always enjoy it from here. In honor of our Glastonbury weekend here at DaysTune, enjoy the new UK artist, Caggie Dunlop.

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