Icona Pop – Next Release “GIRLFRIEND” – Today’s Song June 19th

Girlfriend by Icona Pop – NEXT RELEASE

Featured song of the Day @DaysTune June 19th

There’s been much speculation which song would be the new release from the HOT female duo Icona Pop. Back in May several sites were claiming it was “Girlfriend” including Billboard online. The ladies have not completely confirmed this to be true, but at the moment it seems like a good choice. If the single is the next to be released it would be from the upcoming full release slated for this year, since it’s not on their current EP. We Got The World which made the charts in Sweden back in 2012 could always be an option. Girlfriend would work and keep the girls in front of the US audiences. The Duo did use the term “a taste of what’s to come” on their YouTube channel, so lets hope.

The new single is catchy and just as rhythmic as their current hit “I Love It”. Lots of synthesizing and harmonizing makes this a “fun to sing along” tune, sure to make the charts.

Watch the official video for Girlfriend here – Watch

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