Kodaline – Get To Know The Band From Dublin.

Kodaline – Get To Know The Band From Dublin.

Put This Kodaline Album Next To Your U2 and Mumford & Sons

Picture yourself atop a rolling hill in Ireland over looking the sea. Pondering a love, life or a dream as you watch the waves beat against the shore. The clouds are slightly dark above you and the wind has bent the tall grass around you. Now, you need a soundtrack for this scene, an anthem rising from something simple and building into a steady heartbeat of sound and vocals. You need it from a songwriter that is introspective and pens his words to stir the soul and a band that accompanies those lyrics with authenticity. Can you think of one? I have two and they’re by a band you probably have not heard of, Kodaline and the songs are “All I Want” and “High Hopes” and you will play them again and again.

The Band

The alternative Rock band is made up of Stephen Garrigan (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), Mark Prendergast (Guitar), Vinny May (Drums) and Jason Boland (Bass). Started by Stephen and Mark who recruited Vinny they first formed what was known as 21 Demands . An unsigned band at the time they released the single “Give Me A minute” which made history by being the first independently released track to reach #1 on the Irish Singles Chart in 2007.

After bringing in their bassist Jason Boland they changed their name to Kodaline. On June 17th, 2013 they released their first studio album In A Perfect World. It is the number one album in Ireland. As of this writing their single “Love Like This” has climbed from 24th to 17th place on the top Irish 100. This follows huge success from the two previous singles, “High Hopes” and “All I Want”. Typical of bands that literally grew up together, they perform and make music with a tangible authenticity and synchronization. Steve Garrigan is quoted on the bands website as saying, “Music should have a purpose, you know, Our purpose is honesty“.

The US Is Primed for Kodaline

With all the success of bands like Mumford & Sons in the US lately, their is definitely room for Kodaline. There is already a following among indie fans in America. They may not top charts in the US as they have in their homeland, but their music will be enjoyed and respected none the less. Their EP, The Kodaline EP is available on US iTunes, In A Perfect World on UK version.

Kodaline Performing LiveKodaline Steve Garrigan

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