WATCH HERE – LIL WAYNE Walks on US Flag Filming Video

WATCH HERE – LIL WAYNE Walks on US Flag Filming Video

Lil Wayne WALKS ON US FLAG for Video

The video, filmed on a mobile phone from a bystander watching the filming of rapper Lil Wayne music video has sparked outrage accross the nation. The video which appears to show…OK, show’s the rapper walking on the American Flag has gone viral tonight and sparked much conversation accross social and news mediums. Some speculated as to whether he intended to do it as part of the video, but careful watching show’s clearly that the men holding the flag intentionally let it drop. Lil Wayne does nothing to avoid the flag which now lays on the ground and continues filming. You be the judge.

The video, shot in his hometown (New Orleans) is for the single titled “God Bless Amerika” from Wayne’s newest album “I Am Not A Human Being II”. The album reached number 2 on the BillBoard charts.

Lil Wayne Walks on Flag

Lil Wayne was dropped by Pepsi Co in May for controversial lyrics concerning a former civil right icon. Many on Twitter let their feelings be known as well

“Thinking Lil Wayne about to have a whole lot of government trouble for him tramping on the flag. Come on now dude.”

“How much sizzurp did it take to make Lil Wayne think it was a good idea to stomp on the American Flag?”

We will have to wait and see if the rapper has an excuse for this one.

Lil Wayne Responds…Sort Of, On Twitter

Image Source: Lil Wayne by tempusfugate

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