The Kicks Rock ‘1984’ In Their New Music Video

The Kicks Rock ‘1984’ In Their New Music Video

Straight Up Rock n’ Roll in ‘1984’

The Kicks rock their second single ‘1984’ from their latest album “Tonight Changes Everything“. This is not a band going backwards to replicate a sound either, it’s similar to the old school rock, (think Beatles, Oasis) without being outdated or cheesy. We love the way they did the video with a retro feel. I think this band from Nashville could hang with Beady Eye any day of the week. The single isn’t a fluke on the album either, take a stroll through the tracks and you will be pleased with the whole package. Drop down to the bottom of this post and listen to “Live Fast, Die Young” after the video.

For a limited time the band is offerring a FREE download of the entire album. Don’t miss this opportunity, visit their website for more information – The Kicks.

The Kicks Tonight Changes Everything

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