Boomerang by Lucy Schwartz – Today’s Song June 15th

Boomerang by Lucy Schwartz – Today’s Song June 15th

Boomerang by Lucy Schwartz

June 16th Tweeted/featured Song of the Day @DaysTune and

Introducing “Boomerang” by Lucy Schwartz. If you’ve never heard of Lucy Schwartz before, you’ve probably heard one of her songs. I happened upon her simply because she was the partnering act of someone else I wanted to see. Quick jump to videos and I’m listening to a sweet voice that seems familiar. My first thought was, “this sounds like a song I’ve heard during one of those special scenes on Grey’s Anatomy, when the show became like a music video”. Wait…(search) this is from Grey’s! Wow…(more searching) – Lucy has written and sang songs in Shrek Forever After, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Army Wives, Mother and Child, The Women, Post Grad, Monte Carlo, Adam, wrote the theme song for Parenthood and recently had her song “Boomerang” play during the closing credits of Arrested Development.

Like I said, you’ve probably heard her at some time before.

The song “Boomerang” is her latest single and part of an EP. Her website states that a full length album titled “Timekeeper” is due out in August. Boomerang is fun, catchy and should definitely be in the top 40. So, now that you know you’ve heard her, take some time to “listen” to her a little bit more. Boomerang is our June 15th featured song of the day.

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