“Baby I” by Ariana Grande Channels Mariah Carey (Listen)

“Baby I” by Ariana Grande Channels Mariah Carey (Listen)

Ariana Grande’s second single is here!  Her number two cut from her upcoming album, Yours Truly, is a vocal display of her amazing range and ability. This girl is not fooling around and channels Mariah Carey throughout the track.  Her previous release “The Way” has been a top 40 hit and will most likely be there for some time. Grande is very genuine and honest in her interviews and presentation, which makes her all the more likable as an artist.


Ariana Grande at the 2013 Billboard Awards May 19th.

Ariana Grande at the Billboard Awards May 19th.

Baby I is our featured song of the day July 22, 2013. Watch Ariana’s “The Way” video here. Watch.

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