Here’s Willy Moon – Turn Him Up On The Dial!

Here’s Willy Moon – Turn Him Up On The Dial!

I like brave, courageous artist. An artist whose got the balls to say F@#k you to the establishment and all those bitter music reviewers out there. Who is willing to follow their own likes and passions, and us them as a starting point in their musical career, rather than looking to the status-quo for inspiration. It’s what Michael Buble did 17 years ago when he followed his love of big band music and launched what has turned into a huge career. I mean, the guy gets his music played on Pop stations! Sure, there are a lot of these types that have fallen by the wayside and never seen the light of fame. Sometimes though you get a ballsy singer that nails it just right; Willy Moon is that guy.

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His debut album released in May of this year holds several songs that have been previously released last year, so choosing which one to feature was difficult. You may remember the song “Yeah,Yeah” from an Apple ipod ad back in 2012 – love the video for that one, and I dare anyone to not want to get up and dance to it. Then there is “My Girl” released in March of this year, which mixes a 60’s style beat, funk and pop into a catchy fun tune — we picked it to hold the feature spot at the top of this post. Don’t worry though we’ve included the others as well.

Willy Moon is of course sold out to his efforts. The benefit of loving the 50/60’s style is you don’t have to worry that he will show up on stage wearing a meat outfit. I mean the guy is dressed to the nines in his videos and looking chic. He told Wonderland in an interview in 2012 in answer to what he likes about that ear, “Nice clothes. Sweat-pants are for the gym folks, same goes for hoodies and t-shirts. People used to have pride in their appearance, but folks are so lazy now”. I don’t think of Moon as a novelty or an act, this is who he is and as Buble has done with the 40’s Willy is doing with the 50’s/60’s; And it’s working.

Enjoy our featured song/artist of the day for July 29th. Oh and get this album!

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