Josh Kumra Delivers A Bluesy Love Song With “The Answer”

Josh Kumra Delivers A Bluesy Love Song With “The Answer”

Josh Kumra who once refereed to himself as “The Bedroom Singer/Songwriter”, brings “The Answer” off his debut album, Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait (April 15th).  The twenty two year old British born singer, uses his smooth, bluesy voice to sing, “Never gonna find all the answers, Answers will find you…Don’t Know The Truth, But we can lie, lie, lie together.” The song written about taking chances in love is the kind of song you’ll keep on standby for a quiet night with a special someone. Kumra sings with a maturity that delivers a quality love song for people of all ages.

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He’s already written and performed a number one hit with UK rapper Wretch32 and signed with Sony BMG. If I was looking for someone to collaborate with, Josh would be the guy. His voice is versatile and yet still unique whether he’s leaning toward blues, pop or even hip-hop.

The single “The Answer” and Josh’s debut album are not available via US iTunes.  But you can get the album through (Click the cover). If you’re in the UK use the iTunes button below to purchase either the single or the album. We say get the album, you’ll discover that this “Bedroom Singer” has more to offer than just great love songs.


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