Lauren Aquilina Interview – In Her Own Words.

Lauren Aquilina Interview – In Her Own Words.

One listen to the first released single from Lauren Aquilina titled “Fools”, released in 2012 and you will be hooked. She has a pureness and authenticity that is so refreshing among so much fabrication in the music industry today. The self producing, promoting and performing young lady from Bristol (UK) is propelling herself into what looks like a full-time music career. Working while finishing school to see her first EP produced (pre-orders saw it reach #1 on the iTunes Chart) and engaging her fans daily, Lauren Aquilina is not sitting by waiting for it to happen on it’s own. We recently requested an email interview with Lauren prior to her first and only concert this year in the US and as we expected, she was sweet enough to oblige.

Lauren Aquilina

The Interview:  Lauren Aquilina: In Her Own Words


Thank you so much for taking our questions.  I have to say it’s hard finding out about you.  Most artists have been put into Wiki or have a long “About me” section on their website.  When we came across you on the internet (and fell in love with your music immediately) it was a real struggle finding out more about this young talented singer.  Even the BBC had the disclaimer that they had no bio on you!

Daystune1) Tell us in your own words a little more about “You”.


Hi! I’m Lauren, I live just outside of London in the UK and I’ve just turned 18. I’ve also just finished school and am now a full time(!) singer/songwriter which is absolutely amazing. I feel so lucky.

(You’re coming to the US in August to perform in New York City).

Daystune2) First Time in the US? Will it be the only performance while you’re here?

LaurenAI went to Florida when I was 10 to go to Disneyworld which was amazing, best childhood holiday ever but I almost wasn’t really old enough to appreciate it properly. I can’t wait to come to New York as I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go. Unfortunately yes, just the one performance! But I’m hoping to visit some more states next year.

                 (You’ve worked hard on your own putting out your first EP and creating a fan base on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). (Awesome!)

Daystune3) Do you feel like it’s finally breaking open for you?

LaurenAIn one sense yes, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved, especially without a record label or any financial backing. But in another way, I still have a long way to go!

Daystune4) I saw an interaction in the comments section between a fan and yourself about coming to America the other day. Do you still enjoy having that ability to engage your fans and do you check your social media constantly?

LaurenAYes of course! I’m a completely normal teenager. I’m pretty much glued to twitter (probably a bad thing) and I love interacting with the Lauren Aquilinapeople that support me more than anything. As someone who had a pretty hard time making friends at school, its really nice to talk to like-minded people online and be able to thank them all for being so supportive and lovely 🙂

(We are just getting to really know you here in the US, so for a lot of new fans your first single “Fools” is our first encounter with Lauren Aquilina).

Daystune5) Tell us about how you came to write it? Is it from a personal  experience?

LaurenAYes it was from a personal experience, I’ve always had more male than female friends, and there have been a few times in my life where feelings have kind of developed but both me and the other person have been too scared to take it any further at the expense of our friendship, so its about that.

Daystune6) We featured your new single and video for “Sinners”, do you come up with the video concepts as well?
LaurenAThank you! Yes completely, I’m very protective over the entire creative side of the process, so I conceptualise all the photo and video shoots myself. My manager helps bring it all to life and tells me when my ideas are too off the wall though!

Daystune7) Biggest musical influences?

LaurenAAh, there are so many. I grew up listening to house music, Stereophonics, and Coldplay so they were all influences. As I grew up and began to develop my own music taste I started listening to alot of Ellie Goulding, Annie Lennox, Bon Iver, and Daughter. They’ve all been big influences too.

                  (Last one)

Daystune8) Where do you want to be musically this time next year?

LaurenAI’d love to have at least started recording an album, my aim is to release an album before I turn 20 haha! Realistically though, just to be absolutely sure of what my sound is and to have pin-pointed it would be amazing.

(Thanks for answering our questions today and being so genuine, we will see you in New York later this Summer).  


Check out “Discover Lauren Aquilina” from our featured song post on July 5th.

In August Lauren is coming to New York City to perform at the Rockwood Music Hall, Wednesday August 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM. as of today tickets are still available and are only $12 per person. Buy Tickets

Get both EPs it’s worth it.

lauren AquilinaLauren Aquilina

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