Pink Say’s It Must Be “True Love” ft Lily Allen

Pink Say’s It Must Be “True Love” ft Lily Allen

Can this woman every stop making hit records?  Get ready to hear another one. Pink has just released her latest single, “True Love” along with a new video.  Appearing alongside of the singer/songwriter is her husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow.  The song, which seems to reference her relationship with her husband has a less aggressive tone than her previous work even though the lyrics are still quite frank.  She sings, ” Why do you rub me the wrong way? Why do you say the things that you say? Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be – But without you I’m incomplete”.

The English recording artist Lily Allen makes a guest appearance on the record bringing her smooth vocals in just before the songs close.  It’s refreshing to hear her again and hopefully this is a real indication that a comeback is on the rise.

Pink’s a powerhouse and just keeps on bringing music we love to listen too.


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