Priyanka Chopra’s New Song Is “Exotic” and it ft’s Pitbull

Priyanka Chopra’s New Song Is “Exotic” and it ft’s Pitbull

Rihanna and Miley could take some lessons from Miss World 2000 when it comes to walking that fine line between sexy in a video and verging on porn. Priyanka Chopra does a good job at just about everything that involves this song and video. The single “Exotic”, which was leaked online prior to it’s July 9th debut, comes from her album In My City which is set for release this year. This is a great song to feature on a Friday, it’s sexy, fun and filled with a little bit of everything without overdoing it. It’s a fast moving dance track with pieces of pop, hip-hop, electronic and even some cool Indian music. Pitbul is typical Pitbull in the places where he is featured, only with “Exotic”, his Cuban accent and style along with the Indian tempo creates a very pleasing sound. The two mesh their styles together to create an upbeat, sexy, electronic “get your ass up and dance” anthem for summer.

The previous single “In My City” that featured didn’t fair so well in the US, but we have better hopes for this latest release from the beautiful Bollywood actress, singer and songwriter. She’s smart, sexy and you could spend hours reading about all the things she has accomplished in her thirty years. They love her in India…I think we can too.

Priyanka Chopra ft. Pitbull

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