Rizzle Kicks “Lost Generation” Music Video – (Watch Here)

Rizzle Kicks “Lost Generation” Music Video – (Watch Here)

The 21 year old English Hip-Hop Duo Rizzle Kicks, have released a new music video for the lead single “Lost Generation”, from their upcoming album Roaring 20’s. The single will be released in the UK on August 25th, to be followed with the studio album in September. The boys known for their outspoken lyrics, had to call on the services of Libel lawyers to insure that there would be no legal issues with certain lines that are directed towards prominent figures. The duo reference several UK shows that have also crossed over into America as well, like Big Brother and Britains (Americas) Got Talent. The video is fun and follow’s the boys as they make their way through TV sets poking fun at the obsession with reality television and social media.

Unlike Ed Sheeran who stated he “raps in an American accent”, finding it easier – Rizzle Kicks stick to their mother tongue. Some US fans of rap may find it a little harder to pick up on the words at first, but the hip-hop scene in the UK is growing and is definitely worth taking notice of.

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