Basic Vacation’s Interview With DaysTune (Exclusive)

Basic Vacation’s Interview With DaysTune (Exclusive)

This past Saturday (Aug 10th) we featured the feel good, pop-magical track “I Believe” as our song of the day. The single comes from a new band out of New York City called, Basic Vacation. The trio of Chris Greatti, Jon Paul and Mike Montalbano, have only been together as a band since last year. In that short time they managed to form a band, cut a few demos, record their debut EP and release one hell of a pop song. Not bad for three guys under the legal drinking age. Helping you get to know the artist better, we recently asked Basic Vacation to do a little Q&A with us.


DaysTune Q&A with Basic Vacation:

Hi guys, thanks for answering our questions today. Your new single ‘I Believe’ was our featured song of the day for Aug.10th and we are loving it! We think it’s sure to be a hit. We don’t know a lot about the band so let’s start with some basic stuff first…

DaysTune:  Tell us how the three of you got together to form Basic Vacation?
BV:   We’ve all known each other for a few years from playing together with assorted bands and artists in the New York/New Jersey area, and basically there was just a day when Jon said to me “Hey man, we should really just start our own thing.” He and I jammed on a few ideas we each had for a few weeks and realized there was definitely something there, so we went with it and wrote and recorded our first few demos in early 2012. Mike’s previous band kind of fell apart right around when Jon and I we’re looking for a drummer, thus allowing the final piece of the puzzle to fall smoothly into place. (CHRIS)

Left to Right: Mike, Chris and Jon.

Left to Right: Mike, Chris and Jon. (They like to party!)

DaysTune:  Help us sort you three out – ages and positions in the band?
BV:  I’m Chris, I’m 20, I sing and play guitar/keys and I like to party.– My name is Jon Paul, I’m 20 and I play the bass guitar.–  I’m Mike, I’m 19 years old, I play drums and I also like to party.

DaysTune:  Tell us about the upcoming EP? (title, label,release date)
BV:  Currently, a lot of details about the EP itself are still shrouded in mystery, but I can tell you that it will be a self-titled release and that it can be expected in late 2013/early 2014. (CHRIS)

DaysTuneOut of the gate you drop this infectious pop-song called ‘I Believe’… Who wrote it? And did you know when you recorded it, it was a winnerBasic Vacation Interview
BV:  Chris and I came up with the original idea for that song in fall 2012 while sitting at a dirty little table on the waterfront in Williamsburg. It definitely went through a lot of incarnations before it reached the final product you hear today, but once we got the current production together, we realized the song definitely had a little something special about it. (JON)

DaysTune:  Can we assume the rest of the songs are similar on the record?
BV:  There’s definitely a decent amount of recurring themes throughout the songs, both lyrically and sonically, but the collection absolutely spans several different genres. We tried to push ourselves to explore different ways of thinking and ways to accomplish goals with the music that we’d previously never thought of, and we really think it shows in these tracks. (CHRIS)

DaysTune:  Musical Influences? What do you have playing on replay at the moment?

  • I’ve been going crazy listening to New Radicals as of late. Our manager, Josh, recently turned me onto their album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too and I honestly can’t stop listening. The songs “Gotta Stay High” and “Flowers” have literally been in my head 24/7; it’s actually starting to get pretty intense. Gregg Alexander is an absolute nutcase but I think he’s a total genius. (CHRIS)
  • Lately, I’ve had Yeezus playing in the car pretty much every day. I really appreciate how Kanye consistently tries, and usually succeeds, in pushing the boundaries of modern rap/hip hop, and I think he actually did a really good job on this album. “Hold My Liquor” and “Black Skinhead” are some of my favorites for sure. (MIKE)
  • I’ve had Slowdive’s Souvlaki on repeat whenever I get the chance to play a record. It’s hard to pick a specific song that I prefer most, but I suppose I could say that “Altogether” has always hit me as a special track. I think it accurately wraps up the entire vibe of Slowdive and really shows how creative and beautiful their song-writing can be. (JON)

DaysTuneThis month you’ll be opening for Owl City on the east coast for a few shows and also Popshop West in LA… Any tour dates beyond these?
BV:  Hmmm… You never know! (CHRIS)

Basic Vacation Interview with DaysTune

DaysTuneWhat artist would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with and why? (hey gotta keep it fun)

  • If I’m including deceased artists, definitely Freddie Mercury. In my opinion, he’s absolutely one of the greatest musical minds to have ever walked the earth. It could probably get a little weird though… (laughs). But someone alive, probably Gregg Alexander actually. He’d probably go insane and swim out into the ocean to a certain death, but I’m sure it’d be fun for a few days. (CHRIS)
  • Salvador Dalí. Genius and insanity all wrapped up in one person. It would make for a notable stay… that’s for sure. (JON)
  • Hanging with a painter would be slightly less exciting for me, though I do take great pleasure from the work of Van Gogh. (laughs) No, but seriously, I’d most likely prefer to be stranded with my man since I was a kid, John Bonham. (MIKE)

DaysTuneWhat was it like hearing your song played for the first time on Live 105fm? (was there jumping, screaming)

  • I honestly wasn’t sure they were actually going to play the song! (laughs) I was shocked when it came on, especially so early in the show. Josh (our manager who I was staying with in LA at the time) and I did in fact do a small amount of jumping and dancing around the room with excitement. Definitely one of the coolest and most humbling experiences of my life. (CHRIS)
  • That night, I was hanging in my basement with Jon and a few friends. When the song came on we all just kind of sat there in shock and quietly closed our eyes and listened. It was an emotional couple of minutes for sure, but in the best way. It was awesome. (MIKE)
  • Essentially what Mike said. I’m still in awe of the whole thing. It’s a memory I’ll hold with me for a lifetime. (JON)

DaysTuneWhat’s the next step for Basic Vacation?
BV: Once this EP is finally done and ready to be released, we hope to get on the road and tour for as long as we can until it’s time to start working on the full-length album. Which we couldn’t be more excited about. (CHRIS)

We really appreciate you taking the time to let us get to know you better. We wish you the best of luck with the new single and the release of your EP.


We expect Basic Vacation to go far and their debut single ‘I Believe’ to be a hit–it’s already one with us. You can contact the guys via the links below and we’ll keep you informed for when the single and EP become available. See ‘I Believe’ as our featured song of the day post – Read More.

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