Billy Cullum “Back To My Youth” Official Video (Watch)

Billy Cullum “Back To My Youth” Official Video (Watch)

There’s yet another new and rising star coming from the city of London and his name is Billy Cullum. Sometimes you get really excited about featuring a song and this is one of those times. The young up and coming singer is set to release his first official single “Back To My Youth” September 16th 2013. Having recorded several videos to YouTube that show him performing covers of popular hit songs, Billy is ready to step out with his own.

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His stage background is evident in both his vocal delivery and presence in front of the camera. Billy who was trained at the Arts Educational School of Musical Theatre in London, has performed in several stage productions including: Roald Dahls’ Matilda The Musical, Godspell at the Union Theatre, Peter Pan in the British Musical at the Richmond Theatre, Great Expectations, The Stones are Hatching and more. It’s the emotional input invested in a character that Billy Cullum seems to roll over into his music. The exception to the ‘Back To My Youth’ singer, is that he does it making a clear separation between pop music and the stage. What you end up with are triumphant choruses and meaningful verse without it seeming like he’s acting. He brings a quality that has been recently heard in the music of FUN with the songs “We Are Young” and “Carry On”.

Back To My Youth is a powerful display of what this young man has in store and that makes us all the more proud to feature it as our song of the day for August 7th, 2013. For a limited time you can snag this song for Free at Billy Cullum’s Facebook here – Download.

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