Charlie Brown’s New Single “Bones” Inspires (Official Video)

Charlie Brown’s New Single “Bones” Inspires (Official Video)

Charlie Brown BonesThe London singer/songwriter Charlie Brown, who dropped his hit “On My Way” back in March 2013 and saw it reach the #7 spot on the UK Singles Chart, has just released a brand new pop song, “Bones”. For those of you here in the US who have never heard of Charlie Brown (not the cartoon), he spent the first decade of his career as a songwriter. Signed by Simon Fuller at the age of 16 to write, his dream was always to break out and become a solo act. At the beginning of last year he did just that, with his second single making the top ten.

Similar to Browns hit “On My Way”, his latest single “Bones” is a feel good anthem, about the support of a friend when facing the struggles of fulfilling your dreams. The London songwriters lyrical prowess is in full demonstration here when he sings “When you’re risking your life, It’s the edge of the knife that cuts the most, But it ain’t the bleeding that finally kills you, It’s the hope“. I’m sure there will be a few artist out there wishing Charlie was still just a songwriter and they had been the recipients of this surefire hit.

Charlie Brown Bones

With his soulful voice, proven songwriting experience and the good looks of any boy band member out there, Charlie Brown is on track to becoming a superstar. Bones will release officially this September and a full album is expected soon. Follow Charlie Brown on Twitter.

Video: YouTube – Music video by Charlie Brown performing Bones.(C) 2013 All Around The World Limited

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