Exclusive: Introducing Jule Vera with “Radioactive” (Listen)

Exclusive: Introducing Jule Vera with “Radioactive” (Listen)

Introducing the brand new Indie Pop-Rock band from Auburn, Alabama – Jule Vera.  We came across the band at Chartburst, a music site where visitors vote up unsigned bands in hopes of getting them into the hands of major labels. Jule Vera were at the number one spot for that day, and after just one listen to their debut single “Radioactive”, we knew this southern trio would be going places. The band, made up of Ansley Newman, 16 (Lead Vocals),  Jake Roland, 17 (guitar) and William Stacey, 19 (bass) actually met back in 2010, when they got together with some other members to play local shows and contests. After winning a Battle of the Bands, which was judged by another US indie-rock group, After Edmund, they were introduced to the front man Mitch Parks. By the time they were ready to start recording an EP, the group were down to a trio with a new name, Jule Vera. Since then Ansley, Jake and William have played local and private shows for their upcoming debut EP “1896” due out this fall (2013).

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Radioactive (not to be confused with Imagine Dragon’s song) is actually a love song. Lead singer Ansley Newman powers the song along singing, “this love is radioactive. so much so it’ll keep us distracted”.  There’s just enough guitar, bass and drumbeat to create the kind of intensity these lyrics deserve.  Jake Roland the bands guitarist, states that writing the perfect lyrics is the groups number one priority, the music comes second. He pointed out to DaysTune, that they have only been playing as, Jule Vera since recently and are still getting things together. Their official website premiered online this past Tuesday (July 30) and to date they remain unsigned and without management. Outside of two posts in a local Atlanta teen blog, we are proud to make the premiere introduction of this up and coming and talented band.

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DaysTune Q&A with Jule Vera:

How has the process been developing the record and is it on target for the fall?

We have all learned a lot throughout the recording process- from how to hold our guitar picks better, to Ansley experimenting with different vocal styles. As for the release we still aren’t sure what the final call on that will be yet. -Will

Who does most of the writing on the record? Any outside help?

All three of us write together, with the help of our producer Mitch Parks. -Will

Where did the inspiration for “Radioactive” come from?

I had this cool idea of loving someone so much it was “Radioactive,” and when we started writing the song we played off of that with all the science terms and that’s what really brought the song together. -Jake

Is Jule Vera still finding itself musically or do you feel like you’ve found your sound?

We are always developing and drawing from new influences, but we feel like the main part of our sound is there.  We love the indie vibes in radioactive and we want to do more with that.  We put a lot of that stuff in the new song we just finished recording and it turned out awesome! -Will

When did you first start singing? (Ansley)

I don’t know. (chuckle) I’ve been in school choir every year since 2nd grade. And I’ve been in bands since I was 13. -Ansley

Any good prospects as far as labels are concerned?

Maybe.  -Jake

Describe the relationship between the three of you?

Goofy.  -Will

Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram…what’s your social media addiction?

We all love Instagram but we’re also active with Facebook and twitter. Follow us at @juleveramusic -Ansley

Their debut EP “1896“, which is due out sometime this fall will have 6 tracks. The band states musical influences like The Killers, No Doubt and Lana Del Ray. So far they’ve done good delivering a solid lead single, that fits nicely into the Rock-Pop genre.  The band is currently offering the single as a free download via SoundCloud which you can access below. The single “Radioactive” is our featured song of the day for August 2nd, 2013.

Get The Free Download of “Radioactive” now!: Download
UPDATE: The band have removed “Radioactive” and have now signed with Pure Noise Records, releasing their debut single “One Little String”.

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