Lucy Spraggan “Mountains” Will Inspire You! (Video)

Lucy Spraggan “Mountains” Will Inspire You! (Video)

Lucy Spraggan MountainsSinger, Songwriter Lucy Spraggan from Derbyshire, England has released the new single “Mountains”. Recently signed to Columbia Records she is set to release her debut album Join The Club in September. Her touching song “Mountains” is the kind of inspirational song that puts chills on your spine. The official video and Lucy’s self written ballad are the perfect pair, as its characters dreams are seen as over-sized loads that most of us would give up on trying to move. Spraggan knows a lot about forging her own path and fighting obstacles along the way. In 2012 the singer had to withdraw from the UK version of the X-Factor due to illness, finishing in ninth place. She also self released her first album in 2011 called Top Room At The Zoo. You can feel the genuineness in her voice as she sings ‘I know what you’re scared of, I used to feel it too, You’re not scared of climbing mountains, You’re scared that you can’t make them move”. Brilliant!

Lucy’s self released album reached the #22 spot on the UK charts in 2012, as well as her singles “Last Night” and “Lighthouse” making the top 20. She describes her music as “A-flop” being a mixture of folk and hip-hop. Spraggan received the most praise during her time on X-Factor when she performed two of her own original songs. After singing her single “Tea and Toast” she rightly received a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges. Not wanting to be given another free pass for being ill, she withdrew herself from the competition. Her heart and positive view on pressing through life is recognizable throughout her music. If you don’t get a little water in the eye watching these two videos, you might want to pay a visit to the Wizard. We’re excited to present Lucy Spraggan and her song “Mountains” as our featured song of the day for August 26th. Follow her on Twitter – Lucy.

Lucy Performs “Tea And Toast” on UK X-Factor 2012

Lucy’s Single “Lighthouse” from her upcoming album.

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