Celine Dion’s New Song “Loved Me Back To Life” Surprises

Celine Dion’s New Song “Loved Me Back To Life” Surprises

Celine Dion has released her brand new lead single “Loved Me Back To Life” from her upcoming album due out November 5th. Having been six years since her last English speaking record was released, I’m not sure expectations were that high, for something “up to date” from the Pop Diva. Proving she’s still got it, Dion surprises by delivering a more electronic feeling pop song, with edgy vocals and of course displays of her vocal prowess.

Celine told Billboard that her upcoming album will be her “edgiest record to date“, explaining her vocal adjustment as “very different. I’m using my bedroom hair, bedroom voice.” The pop-star is also utilizing some big names on the new record, which include collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, Babyface, Tricky Stewart and Play Production. Suprised that she was even getting new music to condider, there is even a track on the record previously recorded by Adele. Whatever changes she’s making, the result is a fresh, viable sound that puts Dion right back where she left off.
The single “Loved Me Back To Life” is available now on iTunes, along with the option to pre-order the full album. You can stream the new single in it’s entirety below using the SoundCloud player. It’s always exciting to see a loved artist come back and still be able to hang with the newbies out there. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about any material that pushes the envelope, and that’s ok, as Adele likes to say, not everyone needs to “get their tits out” to make us want to listen.

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