Chloe Black’s New Single “Breaking Bad” Official Video (Introducing)

Chloe Black’s New Single “Breaking Bad” Official Video (Introducing)

chloe Black Breaking badIntroducing French/Australian singer, songwriter Chloë Black and her new single “Breaking Bad”. Signed to Sony/ATV at the beginning of this year, it seems the soulful singer is mixing things up, in order to formally introduce herself to the public. Now based in London, Chloë has since removed her last name of Leighton and replaced it with Black. Another change that may be noted, is the difference between previously recorded pop tracks like “Walk of Fame” for use by other artists, to the more dark and sultry vocal expressions found in “Breaking Bad”. The singer tells us that the “Dark” is who she actually is, and we like it.  With her long jet black hair, full lips and powdered white skin, she strikes a sexy and yet dark figure in the official video directed by Justin Stokes.

Having spent her childhood on three different continents, the young Black spent time watching her father play Jazz piano, while adopting a love for the greats like Billie Holliday, Dinah Washington and Etta James. Planting herself now in London, she has attracted such songwriters and producers as Isa Machine, Fraser T Smith, Stefan Skarbek and Rob Kleiner. Her new single “Breaking Bad” puts her soulful and sultry voice on full display with smart lyrics like “Somebody told me you’re a rat. I’m only Playin’, If I’m the cat”.

Chloe Black Breaking Bad

We reached out to the singer/songwriter recently and asked her to tell us a little more about herself, her music and the future.

DaysTune Q&A With Chloe Black:

1) Tell us a little about yourself? 
I was born to a French mother and an Australian father which resulted in my growing up in Paris, Seattle and Sydney. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue music as soon I could pretty much. After completing high school I was desperate to travel again and to go back to the states where many of my best memories were formed and where I felt I was allowed to be as weird as I am. I sort of fell into the pop music world when I got signed by JR Rotem and Warner Brothers. That’s where I got my pop songwriting formation. Up until that point I had just written a lot of drivel by myself on the piano.

I did a lot of co-writing to pitch for other artists and worked on my own music with a small circle of people like Rob Kleiner and Stefan Skarbek.I met the lovely Janice Brock from Sony/ATV whilst on a writing trip (or probably more accurately Gin and Tonic tasting trip) to London. We hit it off and I decided to move to London and sign with them.

2) There are several songs out there that you’ve recorded, like the pop song “Walk Of Fame” – were these part of a record for yourself?
No definitely not. As all artists do I have had financial ups and downs. When I needed a quick pay check I used to sing demos in Los Angeles and join in writing sessions for other people. I was fortunate enough to have some amazing songwriters like Lindy Robbins, Shelly Peiken, Michelle Lewis and Joleen Belle on my side.I had a song placed in a Nickleodeon show and a bunch of music libraries. Some of them I sold with my demo vocals still on when I was in a pinch.”Breaking Bad”, “One More Last Time” and “I would never die for you” are the only songs out in the ether that were ever intended to be my babies. 🙂

3) Who wrote the new single and what’s the inspiration behind the song?
I wrote Breaking Bad with my dear friend and collaborator Isabella Machine from Florence and the Machine. We were both breaking bad obsessed and one day thought it might be fun to write a song inspired by it. We didn’t think too much about it at the time but it turned out well and a friend ended up sending the track to Aaron Paul who said it was amazing.

For me the song can roughly be encapsulated in the old adage of ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. It is about being pushed around over and over again yet keeping quiet and polite. It’s about being beaten down by relationships or career and reaching that point where you think ‘F#!k this! I’m sick of being too nice all the time!’. It’s like that moment in the first series of Breaking Bad where Walt spectacularly quits his job after having been degraded for years.

Chloe Black4) Tell us about your songwriting process?
It can vary greatly but I notice that my best songs tend to come from a strong concept that summarises what I’m going through at the time. It’s always extremely personal and honest. When I first started songwriting I did it by myself at the piano and usually chords, words and melody all came out at the same time like a possessed stream of consciousness. Later when I learned to edit and refine I would write a lot to tracks I’d been given with a co-writer. My preferred method of writing now is usually with a producer who will craft a beat whilst I work on topline from whatever concept I’m carrying around. Sometimes I write chords, sometimes not. Sometimes they give input on the top line and other times I’ll come in with some idea I’ve had in the shower that morning.

5) Album or EP on the way, and when will fans be able to purchase the new single?
There’s no set date for making the music available for purchase. I’ll work on getting it out as soon as I can. 🙂

6) Can you let us in on the collaborations and whats in store?
I’m continuing my work with Isa Machine and Baxter the Future in London and have some other promising collaborations on the horizon. I’m also working with an incredible top liner named Sharon Vaughn and a very cool writer/artist Ed Thomas. I’ve got some tracks with them that I’m really looking forward to sharing.

7) Musical influences and what song are you loving at the moment?
I have been influenced by Nina Simone and Nine Inch Nails alike. Fiona Apple and Amy Winehouse were certainly influences but I think that’s greatly attributed to the fact that I also shared with them a love of old jazz and soul. I love a a good old broken hearted lament and listened a great deal to Billie Holliday, Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin and of course the great boys too like Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. What I like right now? It’s not really new to me cause I’ve been obsessed for about a year…but I love JMSN. I get all fan girl over some things you might not expect…like Kanye West for instance.

UPDATE: The song “Breaking Bad” has since been taken down. Below is a current song from Chloe called “27 Club”.


We will keep you posted when Chloe’s music becomes available and you can look her up on her facebook page to find out about upcoming live performances. Chloë Black has the look, the voice and the songwriting abilities of a seasoned veteran and we’re sure very soon the fans to go along with it.

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