Ellie Goulding “How Long Will I Love You” From ‘About Time’ Movie (Video)

Ellie Goulding “How Long Will I Love You” From ‘About Time’ Movie (Video)

You can’t say it enough, we love Ellie Goulding. The down to earth UK singer/songwriter just keeps on giving us reasons to love her more, from her music, live performances, Instagram photos and videos like this one. Released last week, the “How Long Will I Love You” video is for the upcoming English romantic movie, starring Rachel McAdams called “About Time”. Ellie covered the ‘Waterboys’ single for the re-released version of her Halcyon Days album, which dropped last month on August 27th. The deluxe version holds the original tracks, plus 10 new ones of which “How Long Will I Love You” is included.

The video shows scenes of both Ellie Goulding singing and clips of Rachel McAdams as her character in the film. The song will also appear on the original soundtrack for About Time. The movie is due out November 8th and looks like a real tear jerker. You can watch the trailer below.

Video: YouTube

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