Eminem Looks Spaced Out During ESPN Live Interview For Berzerk

Eminem Looks Spaced Out During ESPN Live Interview For Berzerk

No matter who you are, how big or how put together, there comes a day when things just don’t seem to go the way you originally planned. Rap superstar Eminem, made a guest appearance on ESPN’s Saturday Night Football last night during the half time show to promote his new single “Berzerk”. From the start the rapper seemed caught off guard and puzzled, looking back and forth between Brent Musburger and fellow announcer Kirk Herbstreit with his mouth hanging open.

eminem looks puzzled
Usually in control, Mathers did mention during the interview that ‘Live TV freaks me out a little bit‘, although the confusion on his part seems much deeper than that. Adjusting his headphones, looking back and forth with an extremely “lost” look and struggling to answer questions about his own work, appeared to make even co-anchor Herbstreit uncomfortable. It’s hard to watch this without feeling embarrassed for the legend.

Near the end of the interview Eminem seems to loosen up a bit, but by that time it’s pretty evident the two seasoned sports announcers just want to get the thing over with. He does pull himself upright before signing off, after Brent reminds him of his laundry list of achievements with Marshall responding “I’m really uncomfortable right now“. The quip elicited smiles from all three and I’m sure a sigh of relief from fans watching back at home. Don’t think this is over, I would bet there is some late night skit being developed somewhere.

The official video for Eminems new single “Berzerk” is set to drop Monday September 9th, with The Marshall Mathers LP2 releasing November 5th.

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