Here’s Icona Pop’s “All Night” Video-Vodka Commercial-Documentary

Here’s Icona Pop’s “All Night” Video-Vodka Commercial-Documentary

The super-girl duo from Sweden, Icona Pop have just released the new video for their latest single “All Night” today. The video is a mini-documentary, involving the dancers around the group, a commercial for the vodka company Absolute and a kinda music video for Pop’s new single. I know right? Call it a sell out or cheesy or just go Huh? but its still a good song and you might as well watch it while you’re here. It takes a bit for the song to get started and throughout there are interruptions with those dancers talking, but eventually you’ll want to join the party and dance to their latest gem.

Icona Pop will be releasing their debut album This Is…Icona Pop in just twelve days (Sept. 24th) on Big/Beat Atlantic records. Today also marks the beginning of their headlining US tour. The Swedish duo took over the airways with summer with their smash hit “I Love It” and continue to have success with their recent singles “Girlfriend” and now “All Night”.

Icona Pop

Their music and personalities are infectious and any product company is smart to use them in their campaigns. I’m not sure if moms and dads will be excited about the pop duo pushing Vodka infused white wine, but what do you do – their music reaches a large age group.

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