Jai Waetford’s X-Factor Australia Audition Will Astonish You

Jai Waetford’s X-Factor Australia Audition Will Astonish You

Those damn x-factor auditions get me every time. If you don’t spend time watching the x-factor and Idol competitions from around the world, then you may not know what has been happening with this years X-Factor in Australia. At the moment, the season is up to its final 9 live shows, with a pretty incredible line up of talent. As it goes with most of the contestants as pressure mounts and they are forced to sing songs outside their comfort zones, they start to struggle to maintain the positive reception found during auditions. One contestant in particular has persevered through it all and seems to be holding his own. He wowed the crowd and the judges with his amazing audition back in July, when he not only covered the song “Different Worlds” but was asked to perform his original song “Don’t Let Me Go” as well. As he continues his fight to win tonight Down Under, we though you might enjoy seeing his amazing audition.

Yep, get out the tissues and strap in your jaws – The 14 year old Jai Waetford from New South Wales is going to get you.

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