Joe Bel – French Pop Singer’s Q&A With DaysTune (US Exclusive)

Joe Bel – French Pop Singer’s Q&A With DaysTune (US Exclusive)

Last week we featured the up and coming French pop singer Joe Bel and her song “In Chains” on The FlipSide. It doesn’t take long to be captivated by the 26 year old from the South of France, when you see her perform. There are several videos online of Joe singing one of her original songs acoustically and it’s in this setting that you experience her love for music. It was this burning passion to write and sing that convinced Joe to leave her studies and pursue music full-time.

At present, Bel has only one EP out titled In The City (not available in the US). We love to find new music and spend countless hours searching the globe for that something special. It may not always be the next pop superstar, but great music isn’t always about that. There is a uniqueness and passion present in this young songstress, that we think you’ll enjoy.


We reached out to Joe this past week and asked her to tell us a little about herself, her music and the future.

Joe Bel’s Q&A With DaysTune (US Exclusive):

1) Tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in 1987 near french Alps, in the city of Grenoble. I studied Litterature and History of Arts before I decided to sing my songs “for real”, one year ago.

2) When did you start singing and writing music?
I always liked singing, but I was shy about that. I’ve always written stories and songs, since I was a kid, but only for myself… until the day I realized I deeply needed to share them with others. I took my time !

joebelQ&ADaysTune3) What was the musical influence in your home growing up?
My dad had a lot of CDs I liked to listen to : those of Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Supertramp, Queen, Deep Purple, George Benson, Joe Jackson… a lot of very different things ! I also listened to french artists such as claude Nougaro and Véronique Sanson. I think all those artists gave me the taste of beauty and simplicity in melodies.

4) Tell us about your songwriting process? The inspiration behind the song “In Chains”?
I never plan to write or compose a song. It comes to me, when I don’t think about music, like when I’m cooking, walking in the street, even when I’m falling asleep… A sentence or a melody naturally comes, and when it strikes me, when it makes me feel it is important to me, I record it or write it down quickly… and then I try to wonder and really work on it. It’s funny, but I often understand my songs a long time after I make them. For In Chains, I think I needed to express the difficulties for teenagers and young adults to be themselves. Sometimes, even the parents want you to be like everybody else, just to match with their idea of “cool” and “normal”. To make you go in “the right direction”. This is a song that says : we are all special, and we NEED to be ourselves to be happy. Parents have an important role in showing this to their children, and show them they have no chains, they can build their own life the way they see it.

5) Its been said you have a Reggae style,your pop and you classify it as hip-hop on your website; How do you explain your style?
I don’t know ! I’m not that into styles and stuff… All I know is that pop music, afro-soul music and hip-hop are things I like.

joebelDaystune6) Who is your favorite artist and what song are you really enjoying at the moment?
My favorite artist… definitely Stevie Wonder. Especially his albums of the 70’s. For the soul, the sounds, the melodies, the truth in it.
And for the song I listen to all the time at the moment… I’d say the australian Chela and her “Romanticise”.

7) Is “In Chains” a New Single, I noticed it’s not on your EP In The City?
Yes, it’s a new song that is part of what’s coming next… I’m working on my second EP, which will be “richer” than the first one. On “In The City” I played only guitar, here I am recording more instruments and new songs !

8) Most of the French articles I’ve read about you are positive, how do you feel your music is received in France?
I feel extremely lucky… It helps me believe in what I do and keep on doing it ! I did not expect that.

9) Any plans to play in the US? Will Your EP be available here soon?
I would love to play in the US, I hope I will, soon. I produced my EP on my own, with no record label, so for now it’s not available abroad, but I wish it will !

10) You’re young, have your first EP, touring…What is the next move for Joe Bel?
Creating, always… I love to make, to build songs. And traveling for concerts. I love that !

You can read and listen to more of Joe in our original post over on the FlipSide from August 25 and we encourage you to do so. Below we’ve posted the video for her latest single “In Chains”, showing Bel in her recording session. Keep in mind she’s French singing in English. We’re proud to bring you Joe Bel and hope you find her and her music as captivating as we have.

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