Megan and Liz’s New Single “In The Shadows Tonight” Is Mature Pop

Megan and Liz’s New Single “In The Shadows Tonight” Is Mature Pop

There’s going to come a time in the future, when the common answer to the question “Where did you start performing” is going to be, YouTube. Young people, teens and bands are doing it all over the world. Today’s featured song, is sung by two young ladys who started their quest on the video sharing website, six years ago this past July. What started out with the twins performing songs like “This Note” with just a keyboard, is now hosting their official music videos for songs playing on mainstream pop radio. Their single “Release You” has been getting a lot of airplay lately and could very well be the song that tips the scales for the young duo.

Last month Megan and Liz dropped a new single called “In The Shadows Tonight” both on YouTube and iTunes. Unlike their previous single “Release You”, with its Icona Pop feeling harmony and sassy pop lyrics, “Shadows” veers more towards the line of pop-country. Lyrically its much more mature than its predecessor and could possibly end up on pop, adult and country channels alike.


Written by the sisters and produced by John Fields, “In The Shadows Tonight” is bound to make radio play, as well as expand their fan base. That’s not always easy to do, when going from performing in your bedroom on YouTube, to mainstream. A lot like being a former Disney star, most of what you are is due in large part to those faithful young teens, who got you trending in the first place. Songs like this latest release are a healthier way of inviting the adult crowd in, without say…swinging naked on a wrecking ball.

Both singles are from their upcoming full length album Look What You Started and can be purchased via iTunes now. Megan and Liz bring us our song of the day for September 18th – “In The Shadows Tonight”.

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