Throwback Thursday: Mel B Then And Now (New Video)

Melanie Brown (Mel B) released her first new single in eight years this week. As part of “Throwback Thursday” we’re giving you Mel B then – as Scary Spice, singing “Wannabe” with the rest of the Spice Girls and Today – in the official video for her new track “For Once In My Life”. The song “Wannabe” was The Spice Girls debut hit single back in 1996 and is probably the most recognized the world over. The song went on to Top the charts in the UK, US and twenty other nations. In fact it’s still being used today in commercials.

Brown’s current single was released this week, along with the official video. The “I’m still sexy at 38” singer, dancer, actress and TV judge, struts her stuff in the new video almost as much as she did in her very first one. Mel B is seen clothed, almost totally unclothed, with long hair, short hair, dancing, singing and even kissing a clone of herself in the recent release. I’m not sure the song will garner the attention that “Wannabe” did, but really who would expect it too. Enjoy them both!

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