Miley Cyrus Makes Out With A Sledge Hammer In New Video for Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus Makes Out With A Sledge Hammer In New Video for Wrecking Ball

Let’s just start by saying Miley Cyrus’s new video for her latest single “Wrecking Ball” was directed by Terry Richardson. Ok, so you know what to expect now – nudity or close to nudity and nipples protruding from behind thin white shirts. Next, the video of course stars Miley Cyrus, so you know what to expect – her tongue sticking out of her mouth more than is acceptable by normal standards, even in rock ‘n roll and well, the same things you expected from Terry Richardson.

The only difference for this performance by the young pop star, is she’s completely by herself; there are no men in the video. This is probably a good thing as far as Liam is concerned (if he still is concerned), but sad in that there is a good amount of nudity, licking and sexual caressing – with inanimate objects!

Miley wrecking vid

At the start of the official video, released today (September 9th) I actually thought it was going to fit the song. Miley begins singing the opening verse with tears streaming down here face as the camera catches her close-up. I wanted it to be right for this amazing single. Just this once make something that fits. No shock factor, keep your damn tongue in your mouth and impress us; Nope, not happening. In that part of this premiere we are sad, Miley Cryus is an incredible singer and “Wrecking Ball” is an amazing track – it deserved better.

Even though we strive to keep the negative out of the reviews, here it must be said, because we respect Miley’s talent so much. If you took all the mess out of the middle of this video and left only the close-ups at the beginning and end, this would have been a powerful visual. She’s a beautiful girl and filled to the brim with talent. At least change it up once an a while to keep us guessing.

You may find the best way to enjoy this video, is to just close your eyes and listen – It still is one hell of a song.

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