RAC Releases New Video For “Let Go” It’s Delicious! (Watch)

RAC Releases New Video For “Let Go” It’s Delicious! (Watch)

RAC, the Portland based Producer/Re-mixer from Porto, Portugal (I like all the ‘Port’s’ in that line) has released a new single off of his upcoming EP Don’t Talk To, due out October 1st. The single titled, “Let Go” features Kele from Bloc Party & MNDR and was joined by its official video just yesterday (Sept.11th). RAC, which used to be known as “Remix Artists Collective”, which is more just André Allen Anjos now (deep breath), is moving more and more into producing his own original music. This latest released single “Let Go”, is a super groovy dance-pop track, that blends the low vocals of Kele with the light and breezy vocals of MNDR, resulting in production perfection.
The official video for “Let Go” was released today on YouTube and it is sick! I mean that in both the slang term for “cool” and in its original form for “gross”. Directed by Michael Dwyer, the video deals with the struggles of a man, whose lover/wife has a pretty serious vice. No it’s not alcohol or drugs, that (at least in this case) would be a much easier fix. His better half has a eating disorder. No, it’s not to much or to little, it’s “what” she eats, that’s eating at him (sorry couldn’t help it).

You go along with it all, thinking it’s just fun and games, until the producers take things a little bit to far. I was fine with the storyline and the great pop tune playing in the background, until I saw the guts! I convinced myself the victim was just being invited over for dinner and at any moment we would let out a sigh, laugh and watch her appear from the other room. Nope! Which I think just made this the coolest video ever.

You can pre-order RAC’s new Don’t Talk To EP now at iTunes.

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