Simon Cowell Melts For X-Factor Singer Rion Paige (Video)

Simon Cowell Melts For X-Factor Singer Rion Paige (Video)

Yes, my friends Simon Cowell will be a great dad. Last night on the premiere of the third season of USA X-Factor, the usually hard faced judge and music mogul, was completely overtaken by a 13 year old disabled contestant named Rion Paige. The bubbly young girl from Jacksonville, Florida has the joint twisting disorder called, arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Stating that music helped her deal with her disorder from an early age, Rion appeared on stage confident and full of life.

The curly headed teenager performed Carrie Underwoods “Blown Away” before the panel of four judges, eliciting the same type of awe that was visible in the face of Simon Cowell. In typical X-Factor style, we were introduced to Rion by a touching back-story and scenes of her talking with her mother before her time on stage. In one moment she explains to her mom, “I hope the judges don’t treat me differently“. After explaining her disorder to the judges, which also included being blind in her right eye, it was hard to not think the panel would take pity on her in this opening round. Pity was not needed.

As the vibrant young talent completed her song, the crowd went into a roar of applause, bringing everyone to their feet including Mr. Cowell. You know it’s good when the last person to be seated is Simon. All doubts that the tin man had no heart were erased, by not only the twinkle in his eye for the little singer, but genuine statements of praise like, “I think you are literally extraordinary“. After explaining how he had told Carrie Underwood she would go on to do special things and that he felt the same about her, Cowell finished with, “I am going to remember this audition for a long, long time“. Which of course cued the music and made the crowd go crazy.

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