The Vamps Are Not A “Boy Band”…Boy Band (New Video)

The Vamps Are Not A “Boy Band”…Boy Band (New Video)

Introducing The Vamps, the up and coming (rather quickly) pop band from Britain, made up of 19 year old James McVey (guitarist), 18 year old Bradley Simpson (Vocals), 19 year old Tristan Evans (drummer) and the youngest, 17 year old Connor Ball (bassist). Yes, they are a boy band. Well a band made up of boys. Actually young men, but since we’re still calling the Backstreet Boys – boys, I guess it’s OK here too. Anyway, don’t think typical BB when we use that term, because The Vamps are not. They help write all of their own music and as you can see above, they play their own instruments.

After meeting via YouTube, the boys formed their four member band, started writing music, performing covers on YouTube and now are signed with EMI. I know, it sounds fast and actually it is. They’ve only been together since 2012 and since that time, have opened for the British band McFly on their Memory Lane Tour and Selena Gomez for two nights in London. At the moment they’re hard at work on their debut album, with their first single “Can We Dance” dropping on September 29th. The official video for the new track, which was published to YouTube on August 6th, is approaching the 2 million view mark already.
The Vamps Can We Dance
There is definitely a different dynamic happening here, due to the fact that The Vamps are in more control of what they are (at least at the moment), than say the “other” boy bands. There is no disrespect intended there either, these boys are playing the music and singing their own material, which gives them a greater freedom to express themselves on stage.

“Can We Dance” was produced by New York’s Espionage, who have worked with such artists as Beyonce’ and Chris Brown. The drum driven pop song is made for hit status and sure to send their growing fan base, into a boy band style frenzy. Bradyley’s somewhat raspy vocal, helps give the track more of an edgier feel, while the added horn section creates a bigger overall sound, than what the boys would have produced alone. Drummer Tristan Evans is simply amazing and plays as if he’s been performing for ages.

What do we expect? Well their fan base seems to be growing exponentially and with the kind of production they’re receiving from the US, it seems like the course is set for the top. Their debut single is fun, catchy and more rock-pop than what we’ve been getting from the current UK boy bands. Their young, good looking and put on very energetic stage shows. Up to this point, these qualities have spelled success and we think they’ve got a little something extra to add to the mix. Get ready, cause you’re going to be hearing them on the radio real soon.

Our song of the day for September 21, 2013.

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