Timeflies Tuesday “We Can’t Stop” Freestyle Video (Explicit)

Timeflies Tuesday “We Can’t Stop” Freestyle Video (Explicit)

The Brooklyn duo that is Timeflies are back to doing their popular Timeflies Tuesdays and it’s more amazing than ever. Last week the guys did a remix of Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop”, with a little bit of a twist. In the video you see the gang writing down one word statements on coffee filters to hand off to Cal Shapiro. A game he likes to do during live concerts, Cal freestyles around the word as he moves through the track. His skill is simply amazing and if you pay attention closely, you’ll fully appreciate both the set up for the topic and the flurry of words around it which reference it as well.

Yes, it’s explicit in parts, so don’t have the kids around while you’re playing it. I don’t know of another artist that holds a candle to Cal when it comes to freestyle. One things for sure, you won’t be hearing “huh” fifty times as the track plays. Rez drops a sweet production on this remix and we love the space aged sounding signals in the background. They make this stuff look easy.

Timeflies will be on their Warning Signs tour from October through November across the USA – Find Dates. Stay up to date with thier latest remixes by subscribing to their YouTube channel. Have fun with our song of the day by the dynamic duo Cal and Rez for Septebmer 22nd.

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