Basic Vacation Release ‘I Believe’ Video and Song Plays for Biggest Loser

Basic Vacation Release ‘I Believe’ Video and Song Plays for Biggest Loser

If you’ve seen the new commercial for the upcoming season of the ‘Biggest Loser’, you’ve probably asked the question, “what song is that playing in the background?” That inspiring, upbeat and super infectious single is by the new band, Basic Vacation. The New York trio of Mike, Chris and Jon released the song back in September of this year and we jumped on it the moment we heard it. Hopefully the TV exposure will get this song the kind of attention it deserves.

We had an exclusive Q&A with the band following the release of “I Believe” and of course featured it as our song of the day on August 10th. The band is energetic and you will have a hard time believing they’ve only been together for about a year. This Week on October the 7th, they released the official video for their debut single which is out on iTunes now.


There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing more from this band in the near future. Hopefully this recent exposure on TV will get the song some decent airplay. Kudos to their management team for hooking this positive, upbeat track to a weight loss program. Brilliant!  The bands debut EP Vacation is due out October 15th. In the meantime enjoy the video, check out our interview and grab a copy of the single.

Basic Vacations Q&A With DaysTune (Exclusive) – Read More.

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