Conway Gets Sassy With New EP and ‘Big Talk’ Video

Conway Gets Sassy With New EP and ‘Big Talk’ Video

LA singer/songwriter Kassia Conway who goes simply by Conway, delivers a sassy pop treat with her new Big Talk EP and her DIY video for it’s title track. With Lorde getting some flack lately for coming into the pop world with too much attitude, Conway does it with style and one catchy song. The former lead singer looks poised to create some major waves as a solo artist with her upbeat, ‘say it like you mean it’, punk-pop sound and persona.

Her video was created by herself and filmed entirely using her laptop. A montage of shots from her own bathroom and the streets of LA, she sings her frustrations over a culture where so much is being said, most of it being Bulls**t. It’s all tongue and cheek – and even with what seems like attitude, you can tell she’s a lot of fun.

Her EP is out now and available on iTunes. You can stream the entire record below using the SoundCloud player. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Conway, in the meantime enjoy her latest track “Big Talk”, our featured song of the day for October 14th, 2013.

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