Echosmith Release Debut Album & Get iTunes Single The Week

Echosmith Release Debut Album & Get iTunes Single The Week

The Southern California Indie-pop group Echosmith, is the band you probably don’t know about, but need too. First, if you have siblings you hate or kids that don’t get along – they’re great role models on how to work together as a family; cause they are. Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota grew up learning to play multiple instruments in a home heavily influenced by music. After forming in 2009, it took less than 3 years for Warner Bros to sign the group and get them busy making an album. October 8th their debut record Talking Dreams was released and iTunes teamed up with the band to offer their track “Cool Kids”, as the Single of The Week.

Warner Bros Records had a good ear when they scouted this young group from LA. Instrumentally they are experienced and cohesive, creating driving rhythms on songs like Talking Dreams and smooth jams for tracks like Cook Kids. Unlike so many young musicians, the Sierota siblings never push things to the point of “noisey”.

Ecosmith release debut album

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Lead vocalist Sydney Sierota caps off the bands smooth California sound, with her unique voice and range. Rather than turning the end of her lyrical lines into raspy punk-pop, she lifts her voice to sweet upper tones which are met by the perfect harmony of her brothers. You get Avril Lavigne meets Of Monters and Men. I also like her because she appreciates my favorite California band of all time; Switchfoot.

Ecosmith release debut album talking Dreams

Their debut album is available now on iTunes and you can catch them live from now through October at select venues in the US – Tour Dates. We don’t usually cover albums but, it has to be pointed out that the record is full of great tracks. Check out “March Into The Sun” and “Let’s Love” just to name two. This is no longer a band to watch, its a band to own. Enjoy our Song of The Day by Echosmith, “Cool Kids”.

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