Lewis Watson’s New Video ‘Even If’ Has 2 of His Top 5 Fantasies

Lewis Watson’s New Video ‘Even If’ Has 2 of His Top 5 Fantasies

The London based singer/songwriter Lewis Watson, released his brand new video for “Even If” today, off of his upcoming ‘Some songs with some friends‘ EP. His fifth EP since 2012, it features artists Gabrielle Aplin, Hudson Taylor and Kimberly Anne and is set to drop November 25th. The track is what Lewis is calling a “new version” of the song that first appeared on his second EP Another Four Sad Songs.

“Even If” might be sad, but Lewis makes it enjoyable with just enough bass, percussion and his uniquely eloquent vocal. If the new version is meant to be more ‘pop’ than folk, then he’s definitely accomplished that. Even though the almost 21 year old keeps his head still in the video, you could find yourself tapping your foot, or even bopping your head a bit, while he sings about his broken relationship. Fans of Sheeran here in the states will sure find reason to add Lewis Watson to the fold with this one.

Lewis Watson Even If Video

The video directed by alexander brown and published to YouTube October 14th, shows a broken Watson at various places reflecting on his “mistakes” that resulted in his love walking out. The addition of background action involving fit young ladies, gets a bit confusing, but his recent post on Twitter may give some insight to “Why” it’s there. Lewis posted this today:


The total package is a winner all around and reason to get interested in getting his new EP, which you can pre-order on Wednesday via iTunes. There is also word the singer is recording his first full-length record for sometime next year. For those of you in the vicinity, Lewis will be headlining shows in the UK and Europe from the end of October through November.

If this is your first time hearing Lewis, do yourself a favor and visit his site to discover even more great music – Official.

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