Listen: Lucius “Turn It Around” Is Quality Indie-Pop From Brooklyn

Listen: Lucius “Turn It Around” Is Quality Indie-Pop From Brooklyn

We’re always excited to feature US artists that have all the flair, eccentricity and quality sound that is usually reserved for foreign indie groups. Brooklyn has handed us the multi-talented quintet, Lucius this year, through Mom + Pop records, with their debut album Wildewoman. If you fancy minimalistic bands with a folksy flair, stop here. Prefer amazing top shelf harmony? look no further. Fifties flavored indie-pop more your style? Lucius have that too. The fact is, from one song to the next, Jess, Holly, Dan, Peter and Andrew, swirl all of these characteristics within their 11 track LP. “Turn It Around”, “Go Home” and “Hey, Doreen” are the cream of the crop.

Watching Lucius perform, you can see the concentration that goes into delivering a pristine sound both vocally and musically. This is not two singers and “A” band, this is a team effort all the way around. Like we said…Quality.

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Their debut album Wildewoman is avaiable now on iTunes. The quintet are currently finishing up live shows here in the States, before jetting off to Europe for most of November. Most of their music would end up on our FlipSide section, but “Turn It Around” had just enough ‘Pop’ to make our song of the day for October 27th, 2013.

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