New Eminem and Rihanna Song “The Monster” (Listen)

New Eminem and Rihanna Song “The Monster” (Listen)

Three years ago the king of rap Eminem and pop’s bad girl Rihanna, teamed up for the smash hit “Love The Way You Lie”. This year they’re back again with a more pop friendly collaboration on “The Monster”. The new single is off of Eminem’s upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, due out November 5th and is available on iTunes now.

The future top 40 track seems made for radio and we’re not complaining. It’s upbeat, poppy and keeps enough of an edge to hopefully make the rappers fans happy. Having conquered so much over the years, it’s about time Mathers has dropped a song that doesn’t have to be cut to heck in order for the general public to enjoy. I know, can’t believe we can say that now, about an artist who put the fear of god in parents 23 years ago.

Just in time for Halloween – “The Monster”


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