Watch Laura Welsh’s New Video For “Undiscovered” (Video)

Watch Laura Welsh’s New Video For “Undiscovered” (Video)

2013 may just go down as pop’s ‘Year of The Woman’. They are ruling the music world right now and the pop horizon has taken the shape of an hour glass. Former divas are returning with the spark of yesterday and the new girls are giving pop a facelift. Today, you’re going to get to add another female pop singer to your ever growing list; Laura Welsh. The London singer/songwriter released a brand new single at the end of September called “Undiscovered”. It takes only the first line of vocals to know this is going to be good.

In May of this year the UK singer released the single “Unravel”, which was followed by her debut EP Cold Front. Where the first single was good and the EP better, “Undiscovered” is so far the best. This is good since Laura is presently putting together her debut full length album. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing negative about that previous line. We’re talking about getting it right with just a hop, skip and a tiny jump!

Welsh’s sultry vocal, along with the Emile Haynie produced (Lana Del Ray,Bruno Mars) track is an enchanting, bluesy pop treat. You get some of the dreaminess of her previous single ‘Cold Front”, with funky beats and an infectious break out chorus. It’s slick, smooth and on point. Our song of the day for October 3rd, 2013.

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