X Factor’s Ella Henderson Debuts ‘Five Tattoos’ Video (Beautiful)

X Factor’s Ella Henderson Debuts ‘Five Tattoos’ Video (Beautiful)

Wherever X Factor happens, there is always at least one or two eliminated contestants who go on to record music anyway. In fact, sometimes they end up doing better than the winner. Over in the UK last year for their series 9 X Factor, the now 17 year old Ella Henderson, who had been pegged to win, was voted out in week seven.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Music Mogul to snatch up the young singer/songwriter and sign her with his SYCO Music. Since then she has been working with top notch producers, who have worked with Carey, Winehouse, Dion and more on her debut album. This past Monday Ella posted a YouTube video of her singing one of the tracks from the record, ‘Five Tattoos’. She is said to have co-written every song on the upcoming album.

Ella Henderson Five Tattoos

Nailing down the young singer for a comparison is not that easy. There are moments I hear the low soulful tones of the UK’s Pixie Lott, but the range of Adele. Still you can’t deny she posses the vocal play of Mariah Carey throughout. The fact is, Ella Henderson has several of those qualities in one. This means she’ll fit nicely among all your diva records, without blending in.

We have know idea what this song will hold in its full produced state, but if it’s anything like this stripped down version, Britain better get the tissues back out. It’s simply beautiful.

What were they thinking last year? At least we’ll have one thing to thank Simon for in 2013.

Hump day just got a little sweeter with our song of the day for October 16th by Ella Henderson, “Five Tattoos”.

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