Rapper Dylan Joel’s ‘Never Let Them Go’ Track Is Slammin’ & Free

Rapper Dylan Joel’s ‘Never Let Them Go’ Track Is Slammin’ & Free

If by chance you didn’t find that “Holy Grail” this year, due to a lacking “20/20”, it may be you were looking up, when you should have been looking down; under that is. Melbourne rapper Dylan Joel, has dropped an impressive…no strike that, a slammin’ track called ‘Never Let Them Go’, off his latest album That’s Good. Tonight (Nov.10th) the official music video debuted on YouTube.


The 22 year old MC teamed up with Canadian producer Otis Grey this year, for his latest 16 track album, which he is offering as a free download. “Never Let Them Go” is the kind of big, anthem style hip-hop song that mainstream artists wish for. Otis Grey turns up the speed on the sample of Florence Welch singing “Never Let Me Go” from 2012, which at first sounds like Ellie Goulding is collaborating. Pounding percussion snaps along while Dylan spits his positive lines, “If there comes a point where, some of the closest / mates you’ve ever had trip and you don’t notice / you need to know this, na they ain’t hopeless / you just need to focus, stick by them, s’why I wrote this”.

In a day when so much of rap is about things that destroy, the young MC gets in your face on issues of drug use, mistreatment of women and peer pressure. There are a few explicit moments, but none for the purpose of shock alone. As for the rest of the free record, Dylan and Otis deliver a varying listing of tracks that any boom-box would love to blast.

We’re posting it now and making it our song of the day for Monday November 11th, 2013. Turn it up and go get your free download – Download.

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