Story Of My Life Video by One Direction Is Here (Watch)

Story Of My Life Video by One Direction Is Here (Watch)

It leaked for just a bit on Friday, after VEVO accidentally uploaded One Direction’s new ‘Story of My Life’ video, before it’s release date. Here now to stay, the new visual gives us a more emotional boy band, as they ponder over pictures from their childhood. The second single to be released from their upcoming Midnight Memories album (Nov 25), One Direction turn a much more mature sound in “Story of My Life”. Feedback has been positive from both existing fans and even music blogs that haven’t typically commented on the boy band.

With The Wanted struggling to stay relevant and The Jonas Brothers disbanding, One Direction have a tough road ahead of them as both they and their fans age. Keeping things moving forward musically will most likely be the best bet and this latest track appears to be doing just that.

Visually the UK pop stars have nothing to worry about. Harry and crew are still as handsome as ever and continue to turn out winning videos. Together in a dark developing room, each member takes task at preparing their pictures and film for review. With the help of some movie magic the boys are transported into the photos themselves.

Midnight Memories is out on iTunes November 25th.

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