Taylor Henderson’s Single “Borrow My Heart” Is The Real Winner of Aus X-Factor

Taylor Henderson’s Single “Borrow My Heart” Is The Real Winner of Aus X-Factor

As it always does, it came down to three at this years Australian X-Factor Finale. So often though its not what happens in the results at the end, but what takes place with the artists after the competition closes that determines the real winner. The third place finisher Jai Waetford, amazed with his audition and scored big on the cute factor, but it’s evident that he can grow musically. Winner Dami Im wowed with her range, but it feels like she may have to much of one good thing; big vocals. It’s second place finisher Taylor Henderson, that we think is poised to take first place out in the real world of pop.

For viewers at home it can be hard to grasp what the judges at times are calling, great. To often the intro to songs is lost once those big vocals come out. It looks good on the stage and garners applause one hundred percent of the time. But purchased music is not played on the stage, it streams from computers, iPods and car radios, where all the little nuisances are picked up. Dami would blow little New Zealander Lorde right off the stage with her range and yet not hold a candle to her when it comes to records sales, airplay and sold out concerts. The same feels true with Taylor in comparison to the other two. The real public vote will be the reception they each receive, now that it’s counted by records sales and radio play, not text messages.

Taylor Henderson's new single Borrow My Heart Is The Real Winner

Taylor Henderson was not new to televised competitions when he auditioned for this seasons Australian X-Factor. The 20 year old appeared on Australia’s Got Talent along with his father back in 2010. He finished third as a runner up to his dad Cameron in second place. This time around the young singer/songwriter was on his own and reached second. Like little Jai Waetford and fourth place finishers Third D3gree, Taylor has signed with Sony Music and released his winners single officially on iTunes. As of this moment, he sits at number one on the iTunes Song chart for Australia, with the winner Dami down to ninth.

The video above is Henderson performing his winners single “Borrow My Heart“, during the X-Factor finale. Following his performance, judge Redfoo stated that is sounded like a professional doing a guest spot, not an actual contestant it was so good. We agreed, but the studio version, which you can preview below via the Soundcloud player, says it all – Taylor Henderson sounds like a pop star and his debut single feels like the real winner.

“Borrow My Heart” is available now on iTunes.

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