The Vernons ‘White Wine’ Will Make You Want The Blues

The Vernons ‘White Wine’ Will Make You Want The Blues

“White Wine” is a line you’ll hear often, in the new song by the Australian blues rock n roll band, The Vernons. Sung by lead singer Jonny Nyst, if you didn’t know he hailed from down-under, you’d think he’d grown up in a smoke laden house of blues down south. Off of the bands debut EP Volume 1 released this September, Nyst infuses each line with pure ‘blues’ essence, while the band of James Nikiforides (Lead Guitar/Vocals/Keyboard), Hugh Tait (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Elliot Gooch (Drums) lay down the songs crisp instrumental.

The Vernons White Wine

Accompanying the incredible sound of ‘White Wine’, is the black and white video Directed by Scott Corfield. Can’t tell if the seductive looking woman is the songs muse or the song is hers. Either way, the color adds to the songs nastolgic sound and the young lady to its sex appeal. This song belongs on shiny black vinyl, spinning on a turntable set on repeat.

The Vernons White Wine Video

If you’re looking for that unique new group to surprise your friends with this Christmas, The Vernons will make any lover of rock n roll happy. The Gold Coast band of four, keep their music worthy of the day with tinges of upper range ‘The 1975’ style rock, swirling amongst the blues. It’s radio worthy out of the box. Check out their earlier release “Standing In Line”, off the debut EP in the video below.

Here in the States we’re celebrating Thanksgiving and for our song of the day we’ll let The Vernons, pour out the “White Wine”.

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