Winners At The First Ever YouTube Music Awards

Winners At The First Ever YouTube Music Awards

YouTube wanted the experience to feel like it does when someone makes a video at home and we think they succeeded. If you tuned in expecting a stage, celebrities with stunning outfits and lots of red carpet, then you were in for a surprise. Instead viewers got to see the raw workings of what it takes to not only do something live, but in a situation where things don’t always go as planned – like when you can’t find a winner in the crowd to give them their award.

There’s sure to be critics who will call tonight’s broadcast a joke and maybe even a failure. There was nothing classy or at times even professional about the debut event. One thing to keep in mind though is this, YouTube has built an empire on videos shot by the seat of the pants. Maybe not their own, but don’t forget, Bieber’s touring the world and Ed Sheeran just played Madison Square Gardens – they started out like so many others, filming themselves singing from bedrooms and basements before uploading to the video sharing website.

The winners where chosen for six categories, based on specific stats for each one gathered over 12 months.

The break down of tonight’s YouTube Music Awards Winners:

Artist Of The Year – Honored the biggest act of the last year on YouTube, based on total number of views, likes, shares, comments and subscribers.
Winner: Eminem

Video of The Year – Based on what you watched, shared, liked and commented on.
Winner: Girls Generation

YouTube Phenomenon: Inspired the biggest number of fan responses (covers, parody, etc.)
Winner: I Knew You Were Trouble

Innovation of the Year: Most unique concepts and creator in music videos this year.
Winner: DeStorm

Response of the Year: The best fan remixes, covers or parodies, based on your views, likes, shares, and comments.
Winner: Lindsey Stirling

YouTube Breakthrough: Biggest breakout act on YouTube, based on artists with the highest growth in views and subscribers over the past year.
Winner: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The night was filled with music performances by stars like Lady Gaga, Eminem, M.I.A and more. YouTube were also making live music videos from some of the performances during the show. We have this gut feeling that next year, things will a little more organized. The people have spoken and this years winners are going to see their “views” jump in the next 24 hours for sure.

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