Eminem Keeps His Self Caged In New ‘Monster’ Video

Eminem Keeps His Self Caged In New ‘Monster’ Video

The Detroit Rap God Eminem, dropped the new video for his recent hit ‘Monster’ today which features pops bad girl, Rihanna. The rapper re-visits some of his older music videos, only this time he’s spitting out ‘Monster’ lines. Eminem does a re-do on key moments in “My Name Is”, “Lose Yourself” and “The Way That I Am” videos.

At the close of the video, we see a more controlled version of the rapper approaching a cage, which seems to contain a more dangerous, rough around the edges version of himself. The ‘Monster’ throws out a slip of paper with scribbled writing on it to his alter ego, who pockets it as if to tell viewers, all the rap comes from a side of his life, he’s not always proud of. Incredible song and great visual from his recent release Marshall Mathers LP 2.

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