From Lorde To Newman To Tove Lo 2013 Was Lots Of Fun!

From Lorde To Newman To Tove Lo 2013 Was Lots Of Fun!

It’s been a crazy year in the world of music in 2013. If we could sum it up in one word, it would have to be “excess”. We can’t remember a year with so many: teasers, previews, covers, remixes, mash-ups, collaborations and of course shocking music videos. Everyone will be grateful once some new craze pops up to replace all that damn twerking.

The line between genres continued to blur and the playlist on mainstream stations contained artists that just a few years back, wouldn’t have had a chance. We also found a ton of great new music from around the world, which made up for the sad outcome once those teasers turned into debuts. Did we really find the “Holy Grail” or get our “20/20” experience? Was all that waiting really worth the “Applause”? fans will have to decide for themselves. Here its always been about “The Song” and we found plenty we thought worthy enough to share with you.

Being based in the USA, we found ourselves posting more music from artists abroad than from our own backyard. We knew early on that the UK’s John Newman was a speeding train of talent on his way to the top. Like his fellow countryman Adele, Newman has the kind of vocal delivery that makes everyone sit up and take notice. There’s a depth and richness in their sound that sets them apart. Now that the hit maker has come to America, we’re looking forward to him becoming a household name in 2014.

Lorde. At this point, that’s all you have to do; is mention her name. Six months ago, only die hard music fans new who the teenage singing phenom from New Zealand was. She was a hard nut to crack back then and all of us who knew she was on her way, fought to get that special interview. The powers that be knew what they were doing and after the release of “Royals” and a few small venue concerts here in the States, chart history was made.

From her odd way of dancing (she even stated she looks like Gollum from Lord of The Rings), refusal to conform to Pop’s current standards and even that stare, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor has been the most refreshing thing to hit music this year.

Not everyone we’ve posted in ’13 has gone on to become as popular as the aforementioned artists. Well, not yet anyway. Like Lorde, there are those songs and singers who are presently on the playlist of indie lovers out there, who will eventually make their way into the mainstream, if things go right. Others, are simply beyond the ears of the general public because they haven’t yet taken the leap to America. Tove Lo was just one of the many newcomers who got us excited for their arrival.

Even though her debut EP was a new venture for the Swedish singer, Tove Lo had already been writing music for big names like Icona Pop, Girls Aloud, Cher Lloyd and even Gavin Degraw. Her two releases from earlier this year, “Habits” and “Love Ballad” were both quality, but it was the incredible sound of “Out Of Mind” that shouted, “Next Big Thing”. We wouldn’t mind running through the woods with her either.

2013 also saw the return of a several singers who had been away for a few years or more. James Blunt has been a blast to cover from his new record to all the those down right hateful Twitter posts, which he handled with such class. Just this month the sexy Brit, Pixie Lott, gave us all the privilege of hearing her new release “Heart Cry”, announcing a new record after 3 years. The US didn’t disappoint either in the come-back list, with a rocking new single from The Fray, with “Love Don’t Die”.

As we look back over the world of music this year, we can’t help but want to point out that one artist that seemed to fly under the radar. He has been part of our favorites playlist here since the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you hear him in a sold out venue or busking on a street corner, Mike Rosenberg (who goes by Passenger) pulls you in with every line and strum of his guitar. He brings a purity and genuineness to music that has not been seen since the days of Jim Croce (if your’re old enough to know who that is). While the rest of the world were focusing on all the glitz and weirdness, Passenger and his song “Let Her Go” was topping the charts in multiple countries and ultimately reaching number one this week, on Billboards Adult Alternative Songs Chart here in the US.

Now, don’t think we didn’t take notice of or enjoy the well known and famous as well. Icona Pop gave us plenty to dance to with their take over hit “I Love It” and no one can deny the power of folk from bands like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers. Sure we posted Miley and Britney, but it’s the unknown, the new, the discoveries that really made what we do, Fun! Turn it up and keep us close in 2014.


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